Professional Staff Nurse - Part-Time - Lock Haven Hospital - Med/Surg

The Professional StaffNurse is a Registered Nurse is a member of the care delivery team. TheProfessional Staff Nurse is responsible to set the standards for the level andquality of care. The Professional Staff Nurse has responsibility, authority andaccountability for the provision of nursing care. The Professional Staff Nursemanages and provides patient care activities for a group of patients and theirfamilies through the application of independent judgment, communication andcollaboration with all team members. The role of the Professional Staff Nurseencompasses leadership, partnership, collaboration and supervision. TheProfessional Staff Nurse establishes and maintains collaborative relationshipswith physicians, other health care providers, patients and their families, toachieve desired patient outcomes throughout the continuum of care.
Applicants will beplaced in the appropriate job title and salary from the My Nursing CareerLadder based on their individual experience and education.
Demonstrates accountability for professional development that improves the quality of professional practice and the quality of patient care. Actively participates in unit-based shared governance, goal setting and supports the change and transition process to improve quality of care and the practice environment. Serves as a highly engaged and full partner on the care team and responds willingly to care team member needs for assistance and partnership. Participates in work that improves patient care and the professional practice environment. Adapts to change and demonstrates flexibility with the change process.
Applies the nursing process within the framework of Relationship Based Care to create a healing environment. Formulates daily goals and a plan of care for patients that involves the patient as partner and considers the individual needs of the patient in a holistic manner. Demonstrates critical thinking in the identification of clinical, social, safety, psychological and spiritual issues for the patient care within an episode of care. Practices solid communication skills, and is able to articulate and translate the patient's condition to other care providers and to negotiate and make recommendations for changes in patient care and unit practices. Patient documentation is comprehensive and promotes communication between caregivers. Incorporates national professional organization as well as business unit and health system's goals to improve patient safety, quality and satisfaction.
Demonstrates knowledge of adult learning principles (and/or teaching children if applicable) and applies in teaching of patients, families, students and new staff. Provides detailed and appropriate teaching to patients and families to effectively guide them through the episode of care as well as transition to another level of care and/or home. Supports the development of students, new staff and colleagues, may serve as a preceptor. Creates an environment of open dialogue, inquiry and continuous development by asking for feedback and improving practice.
Actively participates in department or unit-specific quality improvement efforts. Identifies opportunity for quality improvement to colleagues and management. Takes personal responsibility in improving patient satisfaction with the quality of care and service. Utilizes research and evidence-based practice to support improvement in clinical care: identifies research issues or articles related to clinical specialty or areas of interest, discusses opportunities for quality improvement at multidisciplinary rounds, and influences patients' plans of care.
Develops and maintainsproductive working relationships internally and externally by demonstratingaccountability for actions, enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to patientsand colleagues. Demonstrates an understanding of cultural differences and holdspeers accountable for healthy relationships. Maintains a conscious balancebetween work and personal life. Models safe work hours, time management andhealthy lifestyle. Communicates with peers and management any safety hazardsidentified in the workplace.
The individual must beable to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care and/orinteract appropriately to the ages of the patients served by his/her assignedunit as specified below. They must also demonstrate knowledge of the principlesof growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assessdata reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriateinformation needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his/herage-specific needs and to provide the care needs as described in the departmentpolicy and procedures. Ability to establish and maintain positive, caringrelationships with executives, managers, physicians, non-physician providers,ancillary and support staff, other departments, and patients/families. Abilityto work productively and effectively within a complex environment.
Will consider any experience and educationlevel. BSN preferred.
Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:
UPMC approved national certification preferred. Current Pennsylvania licensureas a Registered Professional Nurse. CPR required based on AHA standards thatinclude both a didactic and skills demonstration component within 30 days ofhire
Basic Life Support
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
Registered Nurse
Act 33 Chld Clearnce w Renewal
Act 34 Crim Clearnce w Renewal
Act 73 FBI Clearance

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